Maximizing Energy Efficiency: Integrating Solar Panels with Roof Design

Combining roof design with solar panels can significantly increase energy efficiency. Learn how to integrate solar panels with your roof for maximum benefits.

You’re looking at your Roofing, watching the sun’s rays hit your house, your utility bill is rising and you want to go solar but your roof is looking a little rough around the edges. You are not an alone. We see this every day in the roofing & solar industry in Virginia. You are probably thinking. the only thing stopping me from switching to solar is the cost of a new roof and how long till you get one right? With “Syntek Solar”, we are 3rd and fourth-generation roofers. After a combined 30 plus years in the roofing industry, it will make perfect sense to go solar. You can easily avoid costly mistakes If you fail to plan. Learn more! 

We’ve been in the roofing industry since 2009. We know the materials, we know the products and we know how long asphalt shingles, flat & metal roofs last in Northern Virginia. If you are interested in going solar but your roof is over 10 yrs old we do a full reroof prior to your solar installation! A Solar Roof combination not only guarantees a leak-proof roof for 25 years but you are also able to apply your new roofing cost to your 26% federal tax credit. So when you’re purchasing your New solar energy system, you can bundle the solar – roof combo cost into one easy payment with one of our lenders then have the government pay for 26% of the total cost for your new solar roof.

Owens Corning shingle roof

Best Materials For Roofing

So what roofing materials do we use for roofing and solar? We work directly as a premium installer with GAF and Owens Corning roofing products. We provide and install new roofs with curb appeal and premium protection, not to mention new REC  400AA PURE BLACK /BLACK OR SOLARIA  XT 400R-PM SOLAR PANELS that are going to also increase the life of your roof. As a Commercial & Residential Roofing contractor, our Roof and Solar Technicians also install & repair Flat roofs & Metal Roofs. A standing seam metal roof with a 400-watt monocrystalline panel is going to give your home an aesthetically pleasing appearance while saving you money which is why we everyone is going solar in the first place! Now you are asking, can we do solar on a flat roof, Barns & garages & the answer is yes! Going solar doesn’t have to be a difficult costly process. Learn more about Solar Benefits!

So if you are thinking of going solar or Getting a roof it is easy as giving us a call or scheduling a roofing estimate on our contact us page. 703-227-7151

solar-with roofing

It's easy to get an estimate?

We simply have one of our Renewable energy specialists come out to your home, determine the square footage of your current roof & we provide you with a 3D design of your new Solar & roofing system.

Our solar installation and Roofing come with a 25-year manufacturer guarantee & we guarantee the roof for 25 years as well. If we are putting Solar Panels on your Roof we add an Additional 25 YEAR ROOF LEAK GUARANTEE! This means if your roof leaks we’re repairing or replacing it at no additional charge to you.

An additional bonus from going solar is now we have eliminated damage from Ice damns, which homeowners all around the Northern Virginia area have experienced and had to deal with with the unpredictable winter weather we receive year in and year out. Now Is Syntek going to do my roof or a subcontractor?  At Syntek Solar, we only use Roofers who work with us in-house. Our roofing technicians have been on every type of roof here in northern Virginia.

We apply The highest standard of safety when it comes to our roofing technicians and our solar installers as well. Let’s say you’re just missing a few shingles, that’s as easy as us matching your shingle color & repairing your roof on the day of install for your solar roof. When it comes to Roofing and solar, Gutters, Sophia, Facia, Ridge Vents, Sealing your roof and decreasing your energy consumption we know our stuff.