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Are you annoyed with paying to much for utilities? With Syntek, you get the best solar panels, attractive pricing, and the best solar company In Warrenton, Virginia.


Are you annoyed with paying to much for utilities? With Syntek, you get the best solar panels, attractive pricing, and the best solar company In Warrenton, Virginia.

There Is No Magic To Fully Understanding How A Solar Company Works!

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Finding the right solar company can be discouraging right? Most solar company sales representatives will offer you the same Installation, and service but then lower the quality of the solar panel to match your budget. This is where you should pay close attention. Not every solar panel is equal. Getting cheaper, less efficient solar panels on your home can produce terrible results right after the installation, and will lead to you having to make tons of phone calls. 

Which panel is right for you? At Syntek Solar Company, we recommend REC Solar Panels. These panels provide superior quality, warranty, and efficiency however, there are only a few solar companies who are certified to install them and get you the full 25 year premium warranty offered by select, and approved REC Solar Company. What happens next? Contact us to learn why Syntek Solar Company became an approved REC Certified Solar Installer. 

What questions should a solar company always discuss with you?

There are 3 powerful tips that every solar company should explain to you in detail. Keep reading to find 3 examples with questions and answers that every customer should know before signing up. Call us at (703)-227-7151 and speak to a live solar company representative.

One such incentive  to save money (in the U.S.) is tax breaks for homeowners, varying by State. Here is a list of incentives State by State. These include Federal and State Tax credits and rebate programs.

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Installing solar panels on your home increases its value. For example, homes in cities like Warrenton Virginia appreciate in value when they have solar power features at 10 percent higher than homes without. If you’re looking to buy a home that already has solar panels installed, expect to pay less over the long run in energy costs, plus any tax credits and rebate programs.


How it works: Solar panels buffers you from the ever-increasing energy bills that go up every year. The more they go up, the more you save. Increases in electric rates have grown between 2.5% and 7% per year over the past two decades.

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Why A Solar Company Design Is So Crucial And What May Happen

One of the most common—and most serious—mistakes in solar design is the failure to accurately account for how shading on the project site will impact solar energy production. Our software will show where the sun shines over time to solve this problem.

The need for accurate shading analysis is a key reason why a precise 3D model of the project site is an important and powerful tool for designing quality solar installations. A detailed site model makes it possible to assess how elements like trees will cast shade at different times of the day and year. Paired with a remote solar design software platform that models the movement of the sun (as well as the impact of local weather patterns), you won’t need to guess at the impacts of shade.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions

A solar system is an investment, and as such, you’ll want to make the most performing annual service. The short answer is yes. Maintenance is required to maintain your warranty.  We have an entire page dedicated to help you find the most important facts to keep your solar panel system operating smoothly. Click to Learn More about Solar Maintenance

To understand your own usage, a good rule of thumb is to look back at your total energy consumption from the last twelve months on your utility bills. Most utility bills provide this information. Divide that number by 12 and you have a great estimate of what you’ll need your solar panels to generate each month.

A micro-inverter is an inverter that pairs with a single solar panel to manage the DC-to-AC power inversion for that individual panel. See our homeowner Video Promos to Learn More About  microinverters and solar components.

Even seemingly minor code violations can increase the chance of electrical risk or your solar energy system having a future issue. Plus, failed inspections will delay your overall project and make it take longer to experience the benefits of going solar.

If the general contractor goes out of business or files for bankruptcy, you can still file a lawsuit or an insurance claim against any subcontractors who contributed to the construction defect. Subcontractors should also have their own insurance to cover any defects they are responsible for.

Most states require solar installers to obtain a separate, specialized solar contractor’s license. In most cases, solar is a specialty classification under the general electrical or plumbing licenses and all appropriately licensed contractors can install solar systems without the solar specialty license.

Why Choose Syntek Solar Company?

At Syntek Solar Company, we believe in happy customers. We are extremely picky about customer acquisition. First of all, you should know, we just don’t sell cheap, solar products just to close a deal.  Our sales team Is fully trained and certified on the products we sell. There a a lot of companies that only require you to be a good sales person however, they may not be qualified or trained properly to fully understand what is really needed. You may be presented with a system that sounds to good to be true and guess what? It probably Is. Learn more on our news blog.

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Best Warranty in the industry!

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We provide you full coverage on the solar products we install. You get a 25 Year comprehensive labor and materials guarantee and easily transferrable.


We offer the best warranty for roof leaks. Labor and materials guaranteed to not leak around our solar panel installation.


We provide you full coverage on the solar products we install. You get a 25 Year comprehensive labor and materials guarantee and easily transferrable.


Solar Products Genarally Provide A Factory Power Production Guarantee. If calculations are wrong, the company gives you full reimbursement on the panels

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Excellent communication and review of final contract. Installation was everything explained and had updates along the way. Very happy with the the install. Thanks for the savings.
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Nathan Nascimento
They are professionals and helped me save a lot of money. I want to thank Joseph for explaining everything well and answering all the questions. Hiring this company was a great choice.
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Nur Hussein
If you want to learn about solar energy for your home, hire this company. They also do roofing estimates and offer a long term warranties Great company to work with and being on time.
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Markus Alvetro

Utility prices have risen 65% between 2003 and 2022. Take control of your home's energy..  

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Create A Custom Solar Design For Your Home

Most solar panels are between 14% and 20% efficient. For maximum savings on your home energy costs, it’s best to go with solar panels that have 20% efficiency and above. Each percentage makes a large difference in how much more energy your panels will likely produce.

How Much Sunshine Does Your Home Get?

To understand an estimate of how many watts per hour your home will need to produce each hour using solar panels, multiply your hourly usage by 1,000. For a standard home, it’s about 1,250 watts per hour.

Why Choose Syntek Solar?

As a solar energy company specialist, we offer a full solar panel installation package that allows you to live more independently, save money, and reduce your environmental impact. By harnessing your own power and building a sustainable system, you can avoid the rising costs of energy inflation. At Syntek Solar, we build comprehensive solar energy solutions that make our solar panel installers more affordable.

There are so many ways to take advantage of solar energy technology, so we’ll sit down to explain your options during a free consultation. Net-zero construction will save money immediately and for decades to come. Non-renewable energy is depleting, and energy costs are on the rise. Analysts predict that energy inflation will continue to accelerate. Even solar-assisted homes will have to pay more over time with a continued reliance on the grid. 


No Electric Bill? – It’s Possible  

Create a sustainable oasis without compromising on luxury. Live Smart net-zero homes combine efficiency, insulation, and energy production with modern amenities; you don’t have to limit devices, lights, square footage, or anything else! 


Will Solar Increase My Homes Value?

 Specific numbers vary between each installation and property. Yet recent studies show an average increase in resale value between \$4,020 and \$5,911 for each 1 kilowatt of solar panels installed. The other major factor in how many solar panels you’ll need has to do with the type of solar panels you choose. The quality of a solar panel, the materials used and the brand makes a huge difference on how much energy your panels produce. How much energy do solar panels produce? See If you Qualify!

Solar panels have significantly grown in popularity in the last decade.
Did you know an average solar home will offset 122 tons of carbon dioxide, and 221 tons of coal over its lifetime. We answer all of your questions about solar energy, solar installation and solar batteries.
Save money, control your energy and protect the planet with a state of the art REC Solar Panel System

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