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Syntek Solar – is your trusted source for solar in Ashburn Virginia. We are the most reliable, and affordable solar panel installation and solar equipment for homes and businesses.



As an expert in the field, Syntek Solar provides an exceptional solution for reducing your utility bill in Ashburn, Virginia. Our expertise lies in harnessing the abundant power of solar energy, allowing homeowners and businesses to generate their electricity and decrease their dependence on traditional utility sources. With our comprehensive design and installation services, Syntek Solar customizes solar panel systems to optimize energy production based on the unique characteristics of each property in Ashburn. By converting sunlight into clean and renewable energy, these panels significantly offset your electricity consumption. Embracing solar power enables residents and businesses in Ashburn to not only take control of their energy costs but also make a positive impact on the environment. With Syntek Solar, you can confidently reduce your utility bill and contribute to a sustainable future.

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Experience reliable solar solutions with our trusted solar company Ashburn Virginia. We are your partner for sustainable future. Feel free to call us at 703-282-0395 during business hours to setup an appointment.

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Many residents of Ashburn, Virginia have noticed the steady increase in utility prices over the years, putting a strain on my budget. However, we have a solution that not only alleviates the financial burden but also promotes sustainability – Syntek Solar. By harnessing the power of the sun, Syntek Solar offers a reliable and cost-effective alternative to traditional utility sources. Our expert team customizes solar panel systems to match the unique needs of my home in Ashburn, allowing you to generate your electricity and reduce the reliance on expensive utility companies. With the rising utility prices, investing in solar energy from Syntek Solar can provide you with long-term energy savings but also a sense of control over my expenses. Thanks to Syntek Solar, you can navigate the challenges of rising utility prices in Ashburn and embrace a brighter and more sustainable future.