Solar Panel Maintenance and Cleaning: What You May Expect

Solar Panel Maintenance. A solar system is an investment, and as such, you’ll want to make the most performing annual service. Call before you do! 703-282-0395


Note: If you are unsure of how to use safety equipment to prevent possible injury and fall protection to properly clean your solar panels, contact us for professional advice on the best way to care for your system.

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Annual cleaning Is required. You may find that manual cleaning is necessary if there is a buildup of tree debris, dust, or bird droppings on your panels. In this situation, simply rinse the panels with a hose, and if necessary, wipe them down using a small amount of Glass Gleam and a soft sponge or cloth. Be sure not to use anything abrasive, as it can damage the panels.

importance of torque

What is the most common root cause for catastrophic electrical and mechanical failures? Torque! This is a commonly used term in Solar PV system inspection, which refers to the act of tightening a mechanical fastener. The fastener can cover a wide array of details electrical connections including electrical boxes, and weather tight seals on conduit and enclosures.

Torque down solar panels

At least once a year, we recommend inspecting electrical conduit, fittings, ground conductors, and any visible electrical hardware for security and signs of damage. Inspect PV wiring/cables to make sure they are not touching the roof, or otherwise unsecured. All PV wire should be securely coiled, fastened to the racking with manufacturer approved clips.

Solar Racking Maintenance


Racking refers to how solar panels are mounted and what hardware is effectively used. They can be roof-mounted or ground-mounted. For simple cleaning, an inspection of racking for signs of damage, debris accumulation, or loose hardware at least once per year. Some manufacturers require proper torque specifications. Insure you have, and read all Manufacturers “Warranty Limitations”.

Solar Racking Composition Shingle Style

Backup Battery Power


If your system has a battery bank, you’ll want to set up a regular battery maintenance schedule to maintain their lifespan and efficiency.

Battery maintenance needs differ based on type; lithium-ion batteries require little to no maintenance after initial setup, whereas others need regular upkeep to stay in good condition. Refer to your limited warranty for any exclusions.

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Critical Maintenance On Your Solar System

Properly clean your solar panels with the right solar cleaning products or contact us for professional advice on the best way to care for your system. Cleaning Roof-mounted Solar Panels can be dangerous, always use fall protection.

Another type of maintenance you should do for your solar system is an annual inspection. During a solar panel inspection, a professional often someone from your solar panel company will come to your home and take a look at your panels, just to make sure everything is working as it should. 

There are numerous warranty limitations for each solar component located in your manufacturer’s “Limited Warranty Packet” that will certainly void your warranty if not performed by you.

Please read your copy of the limited warranty exclusions section that should have been provided by your solar installer. Any other maintenance appointments can simply be scheduled as needed if and when you notice a problem with your solar panels or that they aren’t producing energy as they should. 

Contact Us to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions about solar products or call/text us at 703-282-0395  Learn more about annual solar panel cleaning and maintenance services

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