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Solar Companies Warrenton, Virginia offers better service than national chain competitors. Syntek Is Part of our local community, treats you like a neighbor.

Quality Workers. Quality Equipment. Quality Service

At Syntek, we simplify the entire process and give homeowners access to the industry experts that live and breathe solar. Our experts are knowledgeable, not only in one solar panel , but we are experts in every solar panel offered in Virginia.

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Syntek Solar is a full-service Local solar company based in Virginia. We provide turnkey solar energy solutions for residential clients. Our number one goal is to make things easy for our valued customers by providing high quality products, and first-class service with support.

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Syntek specializes in solar contracting processes with design, permitting, installation, inspection, and maintenance. Over 10 Years of contracting experience we’ve transformed Syntek Solar from a one–man startup company into a well known local solar company In Warrenton, Virginia.


As with any structural or land-use change, a solar installation in most locales involves approval from various agencies and governmental authorities. Our precise level of approval-related legwork provides a smoother transition for all residential projects. Call us for details!

Syntek Solar Company Vs Big Solar National Chains


Choosing the set up that is right for you depends on a number of factors. Available space, potentials savings, energy autonomy, and of course, the way it looks will all play a role. We’re a better choice.

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You Can Trust Your Syntek Solar Installers


As your local solar installers near me. We  are responsible for the installation of renewable energy systems and generating solar power on homes, businesses, and other commercial properties. The system is composed of a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity, an inverter that changes the DC current from the panel to AC current for use in a home or business, and various electrical components. Our Local Electricians understand local building codes to get your system inspected.


Local solar installers near me is a good choice for individuals who want to be more up-to-date with the current technology. Solar panels and other related products are constantly being improved, and a local company can offer more up-to-date equipment, which can save money on electricity bills over time. A local company will also have experience in installing their products properly and understanding the needs of the customer, which can help reduce installation time.


There are many factors to consider when choosing local solar installers near me. The most important is trustworthiness, as the homeowner will be taking a long-term commitment to payments on their solar installation. Other factors include the company's financial stability, experience with the system and its benefits, and customer reviews. It is best for homeowners to do their research before making a final decision on who will install their solar panels.

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How Big Chain Solar Salespeople Fail Consumers?

Every detail of your new solar system heavily relies on a particular set of codes and torque specifications. Large Chain Salespeople are rarely trained in the critical details and most have limited familiarity with local building codes, electrical codes, roofing codes, International codes, and state codes. 

We Do Solar Panel Removal, and Replacement

Syntek Solar is Virginia’s trusted local solar installers for detaching and reattaching solar panel systems. If you are a roofing company or homeowner looking to remove and reinstall solar panels, please call and speak to our consultants for a price and timeline.

Syntek Is the fastest-growing local solar company in Warrenton, Virginia. We’re an owner-operated industry leader dedicated to customer experience as we provide qualified homeowners with affordable energy options. 

We manage the entire process from solar enrollment through custom design, engineering, licensing, installation, and activation of each device to ensure a smooth transition to renewable energy. We combine experience and innovation to develop and operate solar photovoltaic (PV) projects that offer renewable energy and economic benefits.

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Our goal is to allow our customers to take control of their rising cost of electricity and start producing cleaner, price-protected electricity. 

We are dedicated to helping homeowners change the environment and obtain independence from fossil fuels. We are licensed and insured to work on all major solar brands. Homeowners in Virginia have used our company’s in-house solar replacement crew for Re-roofing and Roof Replacement, Hail, and Weather Damage. Faster timelines and lower prices, Annual Maintenance, and Solar Cleaning.

Click and speak to one of our expert Solar Consultants.

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We do it all. Solar Installations, Energy Evaluations, Consumption Analysis, Roofing, Minor Masonry, Minor Carpentry, Drywall, Metal Trim, Painting, Home Improvements, and much, much more. 

You sit back and save with the sun. Let us handle your System Design, Utility Applications, Building Permits, and Installation! We’ll even help with your HOA paperwork!

We let you take back control. Quit giving your money to the Power Companies every month and start investing that money in your property. The best part is there‘s no upfront cost! 

Syntek Solar is dedicated to providing its customers with a quality solar experience. We pride ourselves in offering solar panel systems that look great but will stand the test of time and provide savings year after year. We empower homeowners by helping them become energy independent, provide homeowners with cheaper cleaner energy that promotes a healthier environment and provide financial savings for their families.