How to Find the Right Solar Company For Your Home

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Finding the best solar company can be discouraging right? Most solar companies sales representatives will offer you the same Installation, and service but then lower the quality of the solar panels to match your budget. You should pay close attention. Not every solar panel is equal. Getting cheaper, less efficient solar panels on your home can produce terrible results right after the installation, and will lead to you having to make tons of phone calls. Have a Question? Call Us!

Instead of sitting down with 4 or 5 companies trying to sell you their way of going solar by telling you why they are the best, you will receive unbiased advice from expert solar panel installers with full solar training who Lives and works In the communities closest to you.

Which solar panel is right for you? The best solar companies will likely recommend REC Solar Panels. These panels provide superior quality, warranty, and efficiency however, there are only a few solar companies who are certified to Install them and get you the full 25 year premium warranty offered by an approved REC Solar Company. Wanna know where to buy solar panels near me? Contact us. 

There are 3 common threads every solar company should explain to you in detail. Click FAQ Below To find 3 examples that every customer should know before signing up. Call us at 703-282-0395 and speak to a live solar representative. At Syntek we value each and every customer and we will take the time to fully explain what it means to go solar with us and answer any questions you may have.

Minimizing the Impact of Shading on Solar Panels

One of the most common—and most serious—mistakes in solar design is the failure to accurately account for how shading on the project site will impact solar energy production. Our software will show where the sun shines over time to solve this problem. Learn more about solar panels.

The need for accurate shading analysis is a key reason why a precise 3D model of the project site is an important and powerful tool for designing quality solar sytems. A detailed site model makes it possible to assess how elements like trees will cast shade at different times of the day and year. Paired with a remote solar design software platform that models the movement of the sun, you won’t need to guess at the impacts of shade.

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