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We’re a solar company Bristow, VA that specializes in providing sustainable energy solutions through innovative solar technologies.

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Syntek Is a Premier Solar  Installer. That means you’ll be getting the best solar panels, affordable pricing, and the best clean energy source for your home!

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Are you interested in installing solar panels in Bristow, VA? Look no further! There are a variety of reputable solar installation companies in Bristow offering quality services to meet all your energy needs. From Solar Panel Systems and Services our company has over 20+ years of experience and are certified and approved contractors. With Syntek, you can reduce your energy bills by up to 70% while also supporting a clean energy source. Plus, you can get free price estimates and read real reviews from previous customers to help you make an informed decision. For any questions or to schedule an appointment with a Syntek Solar technician, simply call us today at 703-227-7151.

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Darren Deloria
Darren Deloria
joseph just got our system installed and I couldn’t think syntek more for how smooth and easy the whole installation process was using a solar company that was local to northern Virginia
Sean L
Sean L
I really wanted to give this company a 5* review as they're a new up and comer and the initial consultation was very good and I liked joseph when I was working with him initially. For starters their price was very reasonable for the system I wanted. However its pretty much all downhill from there. After the initial consult and we decided on a system signed some paperwork joe disappeared off the face of the earth. I tried getting ahold of this company for about 2 weeks before I got a response (there was an issue with the HOA documents that were submitted). Joe was in South America installing solar panels to help people down there. Okay that's' noble cause hard to be upset about that so I let it go we got the documents squared away all is good. Fast forward to now the panels are installed through a company called freedom forever everything looks good passed final inspections now were just waiting for the power company to give the go ahead that was on 1/3/2023 (final inspection) I was assured that it takes about a week on average but can take up to 3 but they have never seen it take that long. Well my panels still don't work I can't get ahold of joe and doing some napkin math id say were at the 3 week mark. I really don't like or want 1 star reviews but hopefully this gets someone attention. As nice as they look I don't really need paperweights on my roof. It is also worth noting that joe assured me he would be there to answer any questions or concerns I had and I guess maybe he would if he ever checked his voicemail, email, or text.
Dustin Breeden
Dustin Breeden
Joseph didn’t try to sell me and my wife on solar. Before we jumped into my utility bill he showed us his certifications and industry tenure and previous solar installations. He didn’t shove solar down our throats just for the sale. It definitely made sense after our consultation on where we were at utility wise and where we wanted to be financially independent from the grid in less then 10 years by going solar in Warrenton with Syntek Solar!
Kevin Coumes
Kevin Coumes
Joseph and his team are bar none the best in the business! Hands down! At first I was reluctant to make the transition to solar and did not believe the sales pitch on how much I would save annually, but what Joseph said was true! I am a numbers person and these numbers make sense! We saved $2,102.16 in 2021 for our energy bills! Thanks Joseph and team!
Kyle Twait
Kyle Twait
Great company. Would highly recommend Joseph! Easy to work with, transparent, and guided us through our first system.
Kevin Payne
Kevin Payne
The switch to solar was an easy and painless process thanks to joe! Thanks again!
Shannon Deihl
Shannon Deihl
I called Syntek solar in Warrenton just to see if my home was suitable for solar panels. After having a consultation with Joseph and reviewing the amount of money we were wasting with the utility company, we decided to choose Syntek to be our solar installer and cannot wait to be 100% solar powered and start saving money.
megan spence
megan spence
Syntek Solar did an amazing job! I knew nothing about Solar and they convinced me to have it installed and I wouldn't have it any other way now! It's easy and they explained everything to me in full detail! Especially Joseph he was very knowledgeable, and I'm so happy with the product! Thank you soooo much Syntek Solar Company!
Margaret Coull
Margaret Coull
Joseph and Nur installed 29 solar panels on our roof this winter. Not only is our electric bill next to nothing but we love the way the look. I would highly recommend Syntek to anyone who is interested in Solar and saving money.

Best Warranty From All Solar Companies In Bristow VA

You're Fully Covered


We provide you full coverage on the solar products we install. You get a 25 Year comprehensive labor and materials guarantee and easily transferrable.


We offer the best warranty for roof leaks. Labor and materials guaranteed to not leak around our solar panel installation.


We provide you full coverage on the solar products we install. You get a 25 Year comprehensive labor and materials guarantee and easily transferrable.


Solar Products Genarally Provide A Factory Power Production Guarantee. If calculations are wrong, the company gives you full reimbursement on the panels

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Excellent communication and review of final contract. Installation was everything explained and had updates along the way. Very happy with the the install. Thanks for the savings.
testimonial picture 1
Nathan Nascimento
They are professionals and helped me save a lot of money. I want to thank Joseph for explaining everything well and answering all the questions. Hiring this company was a great choice.
testimonial pic 2
Nur Hussein
If you want to learn about solar energy for your home, hire this company. They also do roofing estimates and offer a long term warranties Great company to work with and being on time.
testimonial picture 3
Markus Alvetro

Utility prices have risen in Bristow Virginia 65% between 2003 and 2022. Take control of your home's energy..  

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Create A Custom Solar Design In Bristow VA

Most solar panels are between 14% and 20% efficient. For maximum savings on your home energy costs, it’s best to go with solar panels that have 20% efficiency and above. Each percentage makes a large difference in how much more energy your panels will likely produce.

How Much Sunshine Does Your Home Get?

To understand an estimate of how many watts per hour your home will need to produce each hour using solar panels, multiply your hourly usage by 1,000. For a standard home, it’s about 1,250 watts per hour.

Why Choose Syntek Solar?

As a solar energy company specialist, we offer a full solar panel installation package that allows you to live more independently, save money, and reduce your environmental impact. By harnessing your own power and building a sustainable system, you can avoid the rising costs of energy inflation. At Syntek Solar, we build comprehensive solar energy solutions that make our solar panel installers more affordable.

There are so many ways to take advantage of solar energy technology, so we’ll sit down to explain your options during a free consultation. Net-zero construction will save money immediately and for decades to come. Non-renewable energy is depleting, and energy costs are on the rise. Analysts predict that energy inflation will continue to accelerate. Even solar-assisted homes will have to pay more over time with a continued reliance on the grid. 


No Electric Bill? – It’s Possible  

Create a sustainable oasis without compromising on luxury. Live Smart net-zero homes combine efficiency, insulation, and energy production with modern amenities; you don’t have to limit devices, lights, square footage, or anything else! 


Will Solar Increase My Homes Value?

 Specific numbers vary between each installation and property. Yet recent studies show an average increase in resale value between $4,020 and $5,911 for each 1 kilowatt of solar panels installed. The other major factor in how many solar panels you’ll need has to do with the type of solar panels you choose. The quality of a solar panel, the materials used and the brand makes a huge difference on how much energy your panels produce. How much energy do solar panels produce? See If you Qualify!

Solar panels have significantly grown in popularity in the last decade.
Did you know an average solar home will offset 122 tons of carbon dioxide, and 221 tons of coal over its lifetime. We answer all of your questions about solar energy, solar installation and solar batteries.
Save money, control your energy and protect the planet with a state of the art REC Solar Panel System