Things to Know Before Installing Solar Panels On My Roof

What to know before going solar. We break down the most important things to consider before installing solar panels on a house.Syntek Solar Warrenton Virginia!


Read Below: The Ideal candidate for solar is a house that does not have:


The typical roof lasts about 20-30 years. If your roof is 10 years old, We will recommend a new roof before installing solar on it. Solar panel systems last at least 25-30 years, or longer. If the roof structure is old, you may need to get a structural engineer to verify the load imposed by your new solar panel system is adequate.

solar panels in shaded areas

If there are trees or other obstructions like dormers that cause the majority of your roof to be shaded, then solar might not be the best option. Maybe I’m stating the obvious, but the panels need sunlight for them to work, so more shade means less available energy. We do have panels that perform better in these scenarios.

roofing and solar pic

At least in the Northern hemisphere, the south side of any building gets more sunlight, so south-facing roofs can generate a lot more electricity. However, don’t be disappointed if you have an east/west roof, since it’s not a deal breaker; they lose about 20% in output when compared to a solar array oriented south.

What You May Not Know


The more solar panels you put on your roof, the more solar production they are capable of. However, if you have obstructions like dormers on your roof, those areas of the roof will provide less area for panels.

Obstructions also make the installation more challenging and often create shade in mornings and afternoons when the sun is lower in the sky.