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Virginia is a popular place for residents who are considering solar panels. With Syntek Solar Company, a leading solar installer in the state, you can have an efficient system designed and installed smoothly. Here are four important things to know about getting residential solar in Virginia:

Virginia Participates in Net Metering

Virginia has net metering, which credits solar customers for excess energy their panels produce. With proper setup, your Syntek system can connect to the grid via your utility like Dominion Energy. This offsets your electricity draw and earns bill credits.

Net Metering in Virginia

One of the most important things to understand about installing solar panels in Virginia is how net metering works. Net metering allows solar panel owners to get credit for any excess electricity they generate and send back to the grid.

Virginia has mandatory net metering rules, which means all utilities in the state must offer net metering to solar customers. When your solar panels produce more electricity than you use in your home, the excess power is fed back into the grid and your electric meter spins backwards. You then get a credit on your electricity bill for those excess kilowatt-hours.

At the end of each billing cycle, you just pay for your net electricity use – that is, your total consumption minus the excess solar electricity you generated. This offset effectively reduces the cost of your electricity from the grid.

Net metering ensures that solar panel owners are fairly compensated for the clean power they provide to the grid. Virginia does not have a cap on the total amount of solar capacity eligible for net metering. Net metering policies can vary slightly between utility providers, so be sure to check the specific rules in your area.

Solar Incentives Are Available

Virginia offers solar tax exemptions and federal tax credits to lower costs. Syntek helps homeowners claim all relevant credits and incentives.

Solar Systems Are Custom Designed

Syntek will survey your home to design a customized system based on roof space, sun exposure, energy needs and more. This tailored approach maximizes efficiency.

Batteries Integrate Seamlessly

Syntek can incorporate batteries for backup power during outages or nighttime. This provides energy independence and savings.


With Syntek Solar Company, you get expert guidance from start to finish. Contact us today for a free quote!


Q: How much do solar panels cost in Virginia?

A: The average cost is $2.99 per watt, so a typical 6kW system would be around $18,000 before incentives. Syntek provides exact quotes tailored to your home.

Q: How long does it take to install solar panels in Virginia?

A: The installation process typically takes 1-2 days with little disruption to your home. Syntek’s experts handle all permitting and inspections as well.

Q: What incentives are available for Virginia solar panels?

A: Virginia offers a 100% property tax exemption. You can also claim the 30% federal solar tax credit from Syntek.

Q: Will solar panels work on cloudy days in Virginia?

A: Yes, solar panels can still generate electricity even on cloudy days. Syntek helps optimize panel angles to maximize production year-round.

Contact Syntek Solar Company to learn more and get started with an efficient, customized solar system for your Virginia home!

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