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What's Under Your Solar Panels? You May Be Surprised!

Re-roofing and re-installing your solar panels can be terribly expensive, and overwhelming task. Is it worth it? What about my warranty!

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First, failing to do annual maintenance may void your warranty.  2nd, rodents love chewing solar wires. FYI: Failing to clean your dirty solar panels reduces energy.

What You May Find 10 Yrs Later After Removing Panels

If you suddenly develop a roof leak, have not thought about maintenance, or any regular inspections, review the examples below. Installing solar on a roof more than 10 years old? How Installing solar panels over that old roof and avoiding a new roof expense might cost you more.

re-roof-solar maintenance-leaves accumulation

Leaves Buildup, Poor Wiring

You’ve likely already seen the first leaves on the ground as the colors begin to change, which means the “rake the leaves” task is about to find its way onto the to-do list. And though each and every solar electric system we install is carefully designed to avoid as much obstruction as possible, leaves, twigs, and even ice can reduce the efficiency of your solar panels.

Re-roofing solar install-loose wiring

Wire and Rodent Damage

Whether it’s pigeons nesting underneath your solar array, cooing and scurrying around on your roof, or a family of squirrels who spend their days chewing on your system’s wiring—animals can threaten your solar generation as well as your peace of mind. They happen to like the insulation on the wires, but they’ll also chew the connectors, that are hard plastic.

Re-Roofing-zipties-after 10 year

Cheap Wiring Techniques

Do not use zip ties (or anything else plastic) as part of a solar installation. Maybe in other parts of the world but even under the best circumstances are never going to last as long as a solar panel). Even the so called "UV stabilized" black ones just dry up and fall apart in a year or two (even when they are totally shaded). Most manufacturers frown on them.

Removing Your Solar Panels to Replace Your Roof

There’s no way around it. Your solar panels will have to come down to replace your roof. Consider this a major expense if you do not plan accordingly. This also means you’ll lose access to your renewable energy throughout the duration of your roof replacement. This will drive costs up, so be prepared for a higher utility bill.

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What If I Change Or Replace My Roof?

// A Couple Things To Consider

When replacing your roof, you may be tempted to change to a new roof material. Whether it’s a more energy-efficient material, a more durable material, or a roofing material that’s more affordable, not all roof materials use the same solar mounting brackets.

If you change materials, you may have to replace your mounting hardware, and that could add thousands of dollars to the overall cost of your project. Please Contact Syntek Solar ahead of time to learn if your new roofing material can take advantage of your current mounting hardware to see if you need a roof replacement.

// The Importance of Proper Wiring

Wire management can have a significant impact on maintenance costs and the longevity of your system. reputable installers put in the time and effort to make sure that these wires are not just visually appealing but placed in a safe, reliable position on your roof.

bad solar wiring

// Bad Wiring Can Affect Longevity

Wire management is an important step for every solar installation: this is the process to place, secure, and protect your solar energy system’s electrical setup. Proper management of photovoltaic (PV) wires isn’t just necessary for aesthetic reasons – more importantly, wire management is imperative for operational and maintenance purposes, as wires that aren’t properly insulated, exposed to harsh elements, or stretched too tight can wear down and fail, therefore impacting the performance of your solar panel system.

The Right Racking - Ironridge Racking

The XR100 solar panel mounting rail is the ideal residential PV mounting rail, tolerating winds up to 160 miles per hour and snow loads up to 70 pounds per square foot.

// Solar Racking Is Important

Once a solar panel system is installed, you’ll generally only see the shiny new panels on your property. However, the solar racking beneath them is an integral part of any solar installation. In order to safely fix solar panels to buildings or the ground, solar installation companies use solar racking products (also known as solar mounting) that hold solar equipment in place in an installation. Why Ironridge? The added strength helps XR100 Mounting Rails achieve 8-foot spans, allowing for fewer roof penetrations and a more cost-effective system design on both flat and pitched roofs.


Solar Inspection: Do I Need This?

First off: If you are unsure of how to use safety equipment to prevent possible injury and fall protection, contact us for professional advice on the best way to care for your system.

Another type of maintenance you need to do for your solar panels is an annual inspection.

During a solar panel inspection, a Syntek Solar professional will come to your home and take a look at your panels, just to make sure everything is working as it should.

There are numerous warranty limitations in your manufacturer's "Limited Warranty" that will void your entire solar warranty

Please read your copy of the limited warranty exclusions section that should have been provided by your solar installer.

Any other maintenance appointments can simply be scheduled as needed if and when you notice a problem with your solar panels or that they aren't producing energy as they should.

Contact Syntek to schedule an appointment moreover, if you have any questions about solar products call/text us at 703-227-7151.

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