Solar Cleaning Bealeton Virginia-And Why It's Necessary

Solar Cleaning Bealeton Virginia. Serving Warrenton and All Nearby Cities in Fauquier County, Price William County, and Spotsylvania County. 

1. Annual Solar Cleaning Service Contracts

Our annual Solar Cleaning and Maintenance Service is a great way to protect your solar panel investment. At Syntek Solar, we offer solar panel cleaning service that is completely free with your new Syntek Solar Panel System installation or financing for 1 year, but then what? Sign Up and choose one of our annual solar cleaning or maintenance plans. Keep your solar system operating. Prices are subject to change without notice.

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When Should I Do Solar Cleaning?

Solar cleaning is necessary in order to protect your solar panels from the elements and dirt. The benefits of regularly cleaning your solar panels are many. The most notable benefit is that you will increase the life span of your solar panels. When it comes to solar panel cleaning there needs to be a balance between cleaning and causing damage to the surface of your solar panels. Many surface cleaners used to clean solar panels are too acidic or abrasive which can discolor or damage certain types of solar panels. Sometimes superheated water or steam may be used, but this could also cause damage. See Why We Never Use Soap

Best Way To Do Solar Cleaning

The best way to clean your solar panels is to have our professional team clean it for you. Although you can do it yourself , it requires lots of effort, knowledge, time and most importantly, proper cleaning detergents and equipment. We use special solar cleaning solutions to properly perform the solar cleaning service. Learn more about Annual Maintenance. 

2. Annual Maintenance

What is the most common root cause for catastrophic electrical and mechanical failures? Torque! This is a commonly used term in Solar PV system inspection, which refers to the act of tightening a mechanical fastener. The fastener can cover a wide array of details electrical connections including electrical boxes, and weather tight seals on conduit and enclosures. At least once a year, we recommend inspecting electrical conduit, fittings, ground conductors, and any visible electrical hardware for security and signs of damage. Inspect PV wiring/cables to make sure they are not touching the roof, or otherwise unsecured. All PV wire should be securely coiled, fastened to the racking with manufacturer approved clips.

If your system has a battery bank, you’ll want to set up a regular battery maintenance schedule to maintain their lifespan and efficiency.

Battery maintenance needs differ based on type; lithium-ion batteries require little to no maintenance after initial setup, whereas others need regular upkeep to stay in good condition. Refer to your limited warranty for any exclusions. Learn More about Solar Battery Maintenance.

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Solar Cleaning Bealeton Virginia

If you have Photovoltaic cells installed on your home or commercial building, it is important to keep them clean. This will result in lower energy costs and better power production. If you are not familiar with PV solar panels and the process of cleaning them, there is more to it than putting soap and water on your roof. The solar panels are actually made up of microscopic solar cells that absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. These cells can get quite dirty over time and need to be cleaned periodically. In order to reduce large maintenance expenses and save money, cleaning your solar panels yourself is a good idea. First of all, you do not want to perform this job while they are wet since they require special equipment with a dry surface. It’s always best to hire us for solar cleaning due to safety measures, insurances, and better quaility.We also use professional cleaning products like Glass Gleam Cleaner and solar brushes similar to the  AquaSpray Superlite 30. Learn more about solar cleaning Bealeton Virginia.

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