Switch To Solar And Save!

So your thinking about going solar? I’m sure you have read articles, scanned YouTube about panels, inverters, strings, optimizers, batteries, mounting, racking its overwhelming and you get different answers on everything right? But, lets get down to basics.

If you told someone a hundred years ago I put these panels on my roof and now the sun powers my house, my car, and my lights people would look at you like you’re crazy.  Here we are 137 years later since the first solar panel was installed in nyc in 1883. These days the efficiency and power production of solar panels today are exactly the clean renewable energy not only the government wants to use to power the country.

But now the utility companies are REQUIRED to have a certain percentage of there Fossil Fueled power to be Green renewable energy. So what does that mean for you? Well in Virginia, Dominion & the other electrical cooperatives are now required to pay a fine to the government if a portion of there power isn’t Clean energy.

So Solar powered homes that send power to the “grid” are now being paid for there power by the utility company! Any excess power your home isn’t using, guess what now that comes in the form of credits that you can use to power your home for free. So right off the bat its a win win for solar powered families.

Here are just some of the basics of switching to solar in Virginia.

Number 1. Now clean energy and less fossil fuels are used to power your home. Also with the 26% federal Tax Credit for going solar, the government gives you at 26% Tax credit to pay OFF YOUR SYSTEM AND GO SOLAR.

Number 2. All your doing is becoming your own utility provider and reallocating the money you were donating to the utility company and now becoming your own micro-utility that you OWN!

Number 3.  It’s the same power, I get this a lot is it going to power my whole house. The answer is YES! Your either buying power from you local energy company or you can let the sun & your solar system convert DC to AC power on your roof for a fraction of the cost.

Number 4. It increases your home value. Homes that go solar, sell faster and for more money!

Number 5. to go solar.  It has a start and end date. Your current payment plan with the utility company is forever! By going solar your now at a fixed rate that’s cheaper then what your doing now with BIG ENERGY. Plain and simple its cheaper more efficient and now you can own your own power.

We’ve all seen the increase in price per kilowatt hour over the past 10 years. In Virginia alone were looking at a 45% price increase from 2021- 2030. Most of us in Northern Virginia are paying roughly anywhere from 10 cents per kilowatt hour to 15 cents per kilowatt hour.

With even a few cent price increase per kWh our normal utility bills were used to seeing, the 150$ and 200$ Energy bills are going to start looking like 300 & 400$ bills for the same power. Now lets take a look at the overall system. There’s only a few things you need to go solar. If your a homeowner your already on the right track.

Adequate space for the panels either on your roof or on your property. Panels are no bigger then 5 feet high by 3 feet wide generally. These panels can either be laced horizontally or vertically depending on where they are being installed.

So when thinking about switching to solar make sure you can fit the panels on the surface or area you would like to install them. Inverters are the wave of the future & are customary and ordinary in the solar industry. Think of an alternator on a car, a micro inverter is pretty similar. It’s converting the Direct sunlight that the panels are absorbing and converting that DC power in to AC power which is what your home runs on.

Now if your in a area that experiences outages frequently you might want to take a look at a battery. This is going to store any excess power your home isn’t using & is going to power your home in the event the utility company can’t get your power turned on immediately.

So depending on where you have space for Solar is gonna determine how many panels you can use to power your home, and how much money you can save by switching to solar.Get a no cost Free Consumption Analysis from Syntek Solar.

Depending on your current energy consumption a solar energy specialist can fit your new system size to match your current energy usage. .

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