Ashburn Virginia is Going SOLAR!


Ashburn South riding & Leesburg Virginia isn’t just the Data Hub for Big Business.  Homeowners are being charged more in more in these areas for power every year. The more homes that are being built in the south riding, & Ashburn Virginia & the increase in electric vehicles being plugged into to homes in Ashburn Virginia is steadily increasing. Well what does that mean for the average consumer in Loudoun county? Higher Utility Prices! Look at it this way with more and more Homeowners in Ashburn, South Riding & Leesburg going Solar that’s less consumers the utility companies can charge for there fossil fueled energy.

These Solar powered homes are essentially utility free. With Solar becoming more customary in ordinary for example in Ashburn Virginia, with wide open exposed roofs these homeowners are seeing the benefits of going solar not just with there savings. But now there neighbors are buying there power! In Loudoun County alone Solar was the #1 choice for renewable energy & clean energy alternatives.  Well for starters with the combination of total roof exposure and open land for customers with Ground mounted solar panels Ashburn, south riding and Leesburg is a perfect area with the right amount of irradiance for a solar system.

Nestled between Washington DC and the Shenandoah Mountains in the summertime Ashburn Virginia for example  sees roughly 14 Hours of sunlight in the summer months. That means more Solar Production for your solar panels and more money you save by going solar. The average Loudoun County pays somewhere around 12 and 13 cents per kilowatt hour but what if the power company was paying you for every 1000 kilowatt hours your system produces.  Well its not a future solar promise its happening Now with SRECS in Ashburn Virginia & the rest of Loudoun County. Ill get into SRECS in another article on our solar page.

But now homeowners that are going solar in Ashburn Virginia are seeing the benefits day in and day out. With the efficiency of solar panels increasing & the combination of net metering & solar renewable energy credits the time to go solar in Loudoun Virginia is now. Not even taking into account the federal government is going to pay 26% of the total system cost for you to go solar! This means you own your power, the utility company is now paying you & your powering your home at a fixed rate. Homeowners in Ashburn Virginia that go Solar are seeing returns on investment and becoming Cash flow positive from day one.

So if you live in Loudoun County or South Riding, Leesburg or Ashburn Virginia take a look at solar. Look at your current utility bill. See what months your using the most power and donating it to BIG ENERGY. Now that bill your currently looking at never ends. By switching to solar now you have a start and end date. When you pay off your system there is no more bill your done. Your energy independent and now free from rate increases and variable energy markets controlled by the Monopoly Energy companies.   Ashburn Resident are averaging around 2400 kilowatt hours per month & that amount of power can easily be produced by our Solar Systems.  We’ve installed more solar systems in the Loudoun county region then anywhere in Northern Virginia because these residents and solar homeowners know the price of power is going up! Get A Quote Now!

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