Why Syntek Solar Is Number One In Warrenton, VA.

So you’ve seen our website you’ve seen our reviews & you asking yourself what is the real reason Syntek Solar is number one? Right off the bat after looking at our products, our warranties, and our 25-year power production guarantee there is no reason to look anywhere else in the northern Virginia area when it comes to a solar energy specialist. Our Renewable energy consultants have spent years on roofs, product testing different solar panel manufacturers photovoltaic systems, & micro inverters. Our Solar energy specialist and our install team are from this Virginia.

We know the weather& we know the people that live here. When dealing with one of the larger solar companies in Virginia you’re buying a generic system that’s overpriced, warrantied & doesn’t match your energy usage. When a solar smith solar specialist shows up at your home in Warrenton, Bristow, Gainesville, Haymarket, Leesburg, or Ashburn, Virginia for your appointment first two things were going to look at is your roof condition, and where YOU want your new solar panel system to go. It’s your home we want you to be happy & involved from start to finish.

A lot of people thanks to big solar have you convinced solar panels have to be placed facing south. South-facing panels do have higher solar access but not everyone has a wide-open roof space for a south-facing solar system. Our company will provide you with a 3D design of what the system will ACTUALLY look like on your home prior to even asking you the homeowner to look at our renewable energy proposal. After we know where you want your new solar panels and your solar energy system installed we then look at the condition of your roof & make sure we follow international building codes for solar.

Once our walk around is completed with you we then take a look at your current energy usage. This is key in the entire solar system design cause of 1 major reason. if you are only using let’s say 1,000-kilowatt hours a month,  you don’t want someone to sell you a 2500 kWh sized system. That’s more money out of your pocket and it’s not going to benefit you in switching to solar. Unless you planning on increasing your energy consumption via an electric vehicle, or a jacuzzi our solar energy specialist wants to match your solar system to have enough room to increase but benefit you electrically and financially.

The reason we’re so involved in the design and offset of your solar system is that were homeowners just like you. We reside in the same region we all used to pay the same utility companies you are paying currently and our biggest goal here is to not only switch you to solar instead of paying BIG ENERGY. But also we want you to tell your friends, your family & coworkers hey this company came out switched us to solar included our family in the entire design & is saving us money. We’re a 60% referral-based company out of Manassas Virginia. We’re always going to believe we’re number one in the solar industry here in Virginia.

We aren’t just going to send a salesman to your door and throw you a number knock on all your neighbor’s doors and tell you YOU NEED THIS. Obviously, the switch to Solar is cheaper than what you’re currently doing but if we don’t own it, have it on our own homes or see the transition of customers from Big energy to Solar then we haven’t done our job right. All in all, I hope this article about why we think we are number one in solar in this area gave you an insight that was family business and a homeowner just like you in this area.

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