How Much Does Solar Cost?


Solar panel prices in Warrenton Virginia are now lower than they have ever been, and homeowners can still earn a 26% tax credit on their solar project. Investing in solar also allows homeowner’s to avoid price hikes against the rising costs of fossil-fuel energy sources. By installing solar panels on your roof you can insulate yourself from the unreal and needless changing of energy prices.

While solar systems are not “cheap” by many standards, the reality is that neither are our electricity bills. Syntek Solar has provided homeowners like you interested in solar especially in Warrenton Virginia and close to our location in Fauquier County.

saving money on solar
How much Does Solar Cost? How Much You’ll Save


Solar panels have no moving parts, and are engineered to produce clean energy for 30+ years. While the upfront costs can appear high, the lifetime savings are impressive. Contact us for a free solar analysis.

As an example,, an initial project cost of $15,000, over the lifetime of the system will save the homeowners nearly $45,000. These savings are mainly from the bills you would be paying the utility company. Instead, you get to enjoy clean energy that has no fuel costs. Does the cost of solar outweigh the benefits?

How does the solar cost effect me?

While not every home is the same, if your house gets lots of sun on the roof, solar could be a great option. If your roof is shaded, the return on investment can be affected. In order to make sure each solar system performs exceptionally, we conduct free solar assessments. This ensures an accurate proposal, financial projection, and a system sized just for you.

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