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How to Make the Most Out Of Adding Solar Panels To Your Roof

Looking at your utility bill and scoping out your roof? Maybe adding solar panels to your roof will benefit your wallet and add security to your home.

Adding Solar Panels To Your Roof

Adding Solar Panels To Your Roof

Your looking at your utility bill and scoping out your roof and think, Maybe solar panels on my roof will benefit not only my wallet but my family and home. This article is going to talk about roof pitch which is the angle of a roof, and steepness that varies depending on where your home is located in D.C., Maryland or Virginia, Age of shingles for solar, types of roofing shingles we can apply your new solar system on.  

Roof pitch plays an important part for solar panels to be installed because it determines how much irradiance from the sun will reach them; while there are other factors that come into play as geographical position, solar azimuth and peak sunlight hours, this solar article will talk specifically about roof pitch, roof age and why it’s important when installing solar panels in Virginia, D.C. or Maryland. In general, the steeper the roof drops off from front to back or from ridge to rake line, the more direct sun gets on an array the better. 

The amount of implicit energy gain correlates with the degree of pitch up to a certain point. beyond which, adding steepness can actually drop the energy earnings because it increases shadowing and decrease in production. Solar panels can be veritably precious just like your roof. Make sure you get the most out of your investment by choosing a solar company that can assess the best possible pitch for a solar panel

We ‘ve collected some helpful information about the perfect roof pitch for solar installation so you can make an informed decision before purchasing solar panels from Syntek solar company of Warrenton. In Virginia that are installing solar panels to their roof are anywhere from a 6/12 pitch to 10/12 pitch. These conditions are suitable and ideal for Solar installers. Not only does it make the solar installation easier but it allows the panels to get more ideal sunlight hours. That means more production from your solar energy system and more savings!

The ideal solar shingle installation in Virginia is going to be on a 6/12 pitch dimensional shingle roof. There are three major categories of asphalt roofing shingles installers have used your standard strip shingle which we see on older homes, dimensional shingles or architectural shingles which we see on the newer home construction and residential homes in Virginia, and the ones we rarely see during solar installations is luxury shingles.

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Adding solar to your roof can be a confusing and scary process for some. Firstly if you bought your home you probably weren’t thinking about adding solar panels to your roof, and secondly you were never told the age of your roof. Now your interested in adding solar panels to your home and your roofer isn’t a certified installer.  Learn About Solar Benefits

 Lucky for you Syntek Solar Company of Warrenton has over 40+ years of combined experience in the roofing and photovoltaics industry. Firstly we want to address what type of shingle you have on your roof before going solar. there are several types of shingles in the D.C., Maryland and Virginia area. Strip shingles are the older generation of shingles we commonly see at solar appointments. Post 2010 more and more new home builders and solar roofing companies switched to a 30 year architectural shingle which is know as a dimensional shingle. we generally look at roof itself and determine weather your roof is suitable for solar but shingles can tell us a lot about the age of your roof. Curled shingles are the result of heavy winds, excessive heat, and just common wear and tear over time. If the shingles on your roof have curled, or you notice them flipping up, they cannot function properly. Missing shingles are a sign that the adhesive that used to hold them to the roof has failed. In this scenario you should probably replace your roof when adding solar panels to your roof. shingles will deteriorate its inevitable this will occur after a specific time, and it is an indication that you need to replace your roof before adding solar panels to your roof. We also notice especially in Northern virginia streaking from roofs. What is streaking? What Makes the Streaks? The black streaks running down roofs are actually a hardy algae. They are Gloeocapsa magmathey develop a dark, hardened outer coating, which results in the black stains you see. The algae feed on the limestone in shingle and this is generally from either over insulating or under insulating in the attic area of your home. This also helps us to determine how old your roof is before adding solar to your home. Now that weve looked at adding solar panels to your roof and how old your roof is before adding solar panels to your roof. Lets look at what type of rood you have before going solar.


The fundamental purpose of a roof is to protect your home from the elements. If it is not installed correctly or is installed with inferior materials, it can cause long-term problems to the interior and exterior spaces of your home. before putting solar on your home we want to know what type of shingle your home has before slapping a solar panel on it. there are three types of shingles we commonly see.


Also known as 3-tab shingles, strip shingles are the old school and basic asphalt shingles. They are made from a single layer of asphalt and have a very flat appearance that has a basic look. Since they are made from a single layer, they generally are cheaper than other asphalt shingles. Prior to dimensional shingles, 3 tabs were the predominant roofing shingle in the market. Today, strip shingles are used most often used by home builders that manufacture inexpensive homes, or by homeowners who are replacing roofing shingles on residences that already have strip shingles on the roof before switching to solar.



Architectural or laminate shingles, dimensional shingles are the industry standard not only in solar but roofing asphalt shingle industry. When adding tolar to a roof we recommend a dimensional shingle every time. These shingles are manufactured with two or more layers of asphalt that are bounded together for a thicker multi-dimensional appearance, and are created to replicate the aesthetics of a shake roof before going solar. Dimensional shingles are typically heavier than strip shingle but are still the best application when adding solar to your roof.


We do not install solar panels on slate roofs just due to how fragile a slate shingle is. We can do more damage installing solar on your homes roof which would be an additional cost during your solar install and we like to save you money especially when it comes to your roof. There are solar companies that do install slate solar systems, but we prefer to stick to what we know which is asphalt shingle roofs for solar applications.

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