How to Get A Solar Appointment In Warrenton, Virginia

solar appointment in Warrenton Virginia

Benefits Of Getting A Solar Appointment In Warrenton, Virginia

It’s a Friday morning when you’re having your morning coffee at Deja Brew Cafe off Main st. in Warrenton and you get a phone call from a solar company. Hey Mr. Joe touching base in regards to the solar appointment you requested at your home off Riley rd. 

As a homeowner and dealing with inflation, the rising cost of utilities, solar ads all over your Facebook and Instagram, you completely forgot all about the Syntek Solar Company Warrenton Virginia website you visited requesting a solar appointment and now you’re answering questions about your home and roof etc. 

This happens all the time in the solar industry when it comes to an in-home solar appointment in Warrenton, Virginia. You agree to a date and time for a solar appointment and you’re wondering what’s next. A Syntek Solar photovoltaic specialist arrives at your home and a few things are going to happen.

Getting a Great Price During Your Solar Appointment In Warrenton, Virginia

First off you’ll be blown away by how much information and knowledge our solar specialists have learned and retained in our journeys around Fauquier County. Immediately upon arrival for your solar appointment our consultant will introduce himself and assess the condition of the roof, steepness of the roof and direction of the home and roof areas for possible solar array installationCall Syntek For Quote!

We do this the old school way with a new perspective. The historical solar appointment was just looking at where the sun and shade was. In Warrenton We use a digital compass, Roof pitch camera and aerial irradiance and aerial imaging of the home and roof. 

After we have looked at the roof and confirmed during the solar appointment your home qualifies for solar, Syntek then needs a copy of your utility bill. Why does this matter you ask? We need to see exactly how much electricity your home is using on a day to day basis, and during this solar appointment we will tell you exactly how much you are paying per Kilowatt hour from your utility company. We call this process of the solar appointment the consumption analysis. 

During the solar appointment in Warrenton you will see that you are most likely depending where your utility is paying for solar already. The utility companies are required by the government to produce a certain amount of clean renewable energy. Electric companies in Virginia are already building massive solar farms all over southern and western Virginia. 

Loving Old Town Warrenton, Virginia and Looking For a Solar Appointment?

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So you’ve finished your coffee and your scone from Red Truck Bakery off Waterloo St. your roof qualifies for solar, you realize you are already paying for solar from the utility company, The next step in our solar appointment process is to qualify the meter from your utility and your breaker panel. You probably know by now you meter spins in one direction, and that’s the direction of dollar signs for the utility company here in Warrenton. 

When you go solar in Warrenton, Syntek Solar will install a Bi-Directional meter that doesn’t just go in one direction. The new meter will spin forwards when you’re pulling from the grid and backwards when your solar panels are producing clean renewable power. Now your breaker panel is probably full of switches with numbers and non legible writing on the door chart. What we look at during the solar appointment is the number of open switches and the main breaker panel rating. If it’s under 200 AMP and there are not two open areas for your new solar array breaker we will need to do a breaker panel upgrade which is a very small cost. 

Most homes in Warrenton, Virginia have a main panel that qualifies for solar, so don’t let that deter you. After we have completed the qualification of the requirements above we then break down the numbers. 

With homeowners looking for a return on investment or a utility swap, solar is the best option.

With utility companies in Warrenton Virginia now offering net metering and SRECS homeowners can not only pay off their system quicker but power their home at night for free. Depending on the size of the system and the power production we guarantee we show you how solar is the same amount of power for a fraction of the cost. Most Homeowners in Warrenton, Virginia will pay an average 125-150,000 dollars in the next 25 years for their electricity.  



Consideration Of Price Guarantee


That’s a huge number considering there is no price protection or guarantee rates will stay where they currently are. To make it simple the utility companies can charge whatever they like and with more homeowners going solar, Utility companies having to meet green energy quotas, The price of power is going to increase across the board especially in kilowatt per hour charges, likely in the 3-5% range in the next few years. 

When our syntek solar specialist approves the design is not only beneficial for the power production needed for the home, the homeowner can actually design the system with our consultant during the solar appointment in Warrenton, Virginia. You as a homeowner have to not only look at the solar panels, but you’re also buying your solar array that’s going to power your home for the duration of the next 30-40 years. 


What Happens During Your Solar Appointment

During your solar appointment in Warrenton, Virginia, we want you to be 100 percent satisfied with your decision and design of your solar system during the solar analysis. With Syntek Solar being located at the corner of Vint Hill Rd. & Lee Hwy in Warrenton we can arrive at any solar appointment in Fauquier county, Warrenton and surrounding areas within one hour. Find Us on Google Maps


This not only makes the solar appointment process quick and easy but on your schedule and your timeline. The last qualification after your home has qualified for solar in Warrenton is to make sure you as homeowner qualify for a new PV system in Virginia. We qualify all homeowners during solar appointments through our lender portal which is a very simple and easy process.


Qualifying For Solar In Warrenton, Virginia


The credit qualification is a soft pull on your credit so it will not affect your credit score through our solar lender mosaic. After you have been approved for your new solar panels during the appointment we then can choose a payment option that’s best for you and your family in Warrenton. We offer rates as low as 0.99 APR to finance your solar system and payment options for up to 30 years. 


Switching To Solar

When you’re ready to make the switch to solar and stop donating your money to the utility companies it’s as easy as picking a date for our field surveyor to come and approve the system design and set up an install date for your home in Warrenton. By working with us on your new solar powered home in Warrenton and completing your solar appointment in Warrenton, Virginia we hope you choose the leader in the industry in Warrenton, and are able to take advantage of the best warranties and power production guarantees in solar. 

Learning About Solar At Your Appointment

We always show home owners the green print of the impact their system will have on the environment in Warrenton and Fauquier county. Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t only good for the environment but also great for your family financially. Visit our website to learn more on how you can save more by going solar, saving today by powering tomorrow and having a solar specialist come to your home for a solar appointment!

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