What I should know about purchasing solar panels:

There are numerous solar panels available to consumers who are looking to save money on solar energy. While most companies talk a good talk about efficiency, very few understand how It impacts the pricing from solar companies, especially in Warrenton, Virginia.

Why Warrenton? There are only a few companies located in Fauquier County that generally provide Hi-Output Solar panels to their customers. Of course, Syntek Solar likely has the highest rated output and efficiency since they provide the REC 405 Watt Alpha Series Panels. FYI: REC Solar may be the best solar panel company on the market when it comes to saving money and production.

Syntek Solar Company

How to Save Money:

Your probably thinking awe, just another gimmick to lure me in, right? Actually, we want to provide a little insight into making a decision to go solar. Solar panels have a rating factor that determines the output of the maximum watts the panel can produce. The REC Solar panel offers a half-cut panel offering improved flow as illustrated in the picture below.


With the improved flow, REC Alpha Series Solar Panels provide optimum use of the panel when it comes to solar efficiency. The higher efficient panels will likely save you a lot of money compared to other similar-looking solar panels. By the way, REC as a company REC has fewer callbacks on its products than other companies. This fact is not published however, It is widely known and the customer support Is nothing short of excellent. Click To download a brochure.

Pricing of the REC Solar 405 Watt Hi-Output Panel

The pricing of solar is usually quoted by watts. Since the 405 Watt panel produces max power you will not need as many panels to get the job done. You can get a free analysis from Syntek Solar to determine roughly the estimated savings you can get from using these panels. Oh, by the way, Syntek is a certified installer.

A solar quote from a solar company generally provides satellite technology and therefore panels can be placed on a google image to determine how many panels are needed by using an average of utility use in the area, and the amount of maximum estimated sunlight that an area produces. PW Watts Calculator is often used to get the watts based on this information.

What Is the cost:

If you are getting a quote in Warrenton for example, you will likely pay around $4.00 per watt for an Installation. Now this price includes the turn key price and does not include annual maintenance or solar cleaning. In most cases, a company will probably be around $4.50 using the latest Emphase microinverters, combiner boxes, and good racking products like IronRidge Racking systems. Some companies use shortcuts like the Unirac flash lock, which we believe creates leaks when not installed correctly. In fact, most codes require the use of a shingle type flashing similar to that provided by Ironridge

XR Rail Family
Solar Racking Composition Shingle Style
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