Is The Weather Good For Solar In Catlett VA.

If you live in Catlett Virginia and are curious whether or not solar panels would work in this area, we’ve got really great news. According to PW Watts Calculator(a commonly used source for solar geeks like me), solar irradiance definitely works for solar even in January which provides about 3.18 kWh / m2 / day.

solar in catlett va

Solar will power your home. Solar In Catlett Va

Getting a new solar panel system can create substantial savings and likely pay for Itself in about 15 years on average. Some people even save $25K and Up to $75K for larger homes.

What Is Solar Irradiance?

Solar Irradiance is the amount of light energy from one thing hitting a square meter of another each second. Photons that carry this energy have wavelengths from energetic X-rays and gamma rays to visible light to the infrared and radio. It can be measured for any glowing object, including stars, the Moon, and the overly bright high beams of an oncoming car. Human beings radiate primarily infrared light; an infrared image of a human shows a very active heart and mind!

The solar irradiance is the output of light energy from the entire disk of the Sun, measured at the Earth. It is looking at the Sun as we would a star rather than as an image.

The solar spectral irradiance is a measure of the brightness of the entire Sun at a wavelength of light. Important spectral irradiance variations are seen in many wavelengths, from the visible and IR, through the UV, to EUV and X-ray. As we look at solar irradiance we should remember that space weather is related to ionization, while climate is related to the absorption of heat.

Measuring spectral irradiance is important because different wavelengths (or colors) of sunlight are absorbed in different parts of our atmosphere. We feel warm because of the visible and infrared radiation that reaches the surface. Ultraviolet light creates the ozone layer and is then absorbed by that ozone. Higher still ultraviolet light creates the thermosphere, which is ionized by light at the short wavelengths of the extreme ultraviolet (EUV). Because radio communications are affected by the created ions, changes in the solar EUV output are a primary Space Weather concern.

Agriculture Living and Ground Mounts – Solar in Catlett Va

Solar will work well even if your roof is steep in most cases however, many people are discovering how mounting solar panels on the ground nearby works extremely well. Generally, if you mount the panels facing South you will achieve the maximum result.

What is Ground Mounted Solar?

As its name suggests, a ground-mounted solar system is a free-standing solar array mounted on the ground using either a rigid metal frame or atop a single pole. Ground-mounted systems can take the place of a rooftop system when the latter isn’t available or suitable.

Syntek installs several ground-mounted solar arrays in the area. We’d like to think we are specialists considering some of the ground mounts we’ve seen fail by other contractors. What makes up special? We use the patented Ironridge XR1000 racking with schedule 40 steel post, all mounted and anchored by concrete and REC Solar Panels to maximize the results produced by a new solar panel system. Want a free quote on ground mounts? Click to get a free analysis



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