Solar Battery Storage

If you purchased solar panels you should know the benefits of adding solar battery storage and your options traditionally utility rates have risen every year. It’s critical that solar systems be paired with energy storage to maximize your savings by adding energy storage to your solar system you can ensure that you’re protected against utility rate changes over the life of your system under a mandatory time of use, rates can go up and down.

Why would a utility company want to raise one rate and lower another? To understand this, let’s look at how a typical user uses power during the day.

Homeowners use the bulk of their power in the morning and at night, not during the daytime while the sun is up and the solar is producing. To combat the solar industry and increase profits, utility companies have created an on and off-peak period.

At night time when demand for energy is at its highest, and solar is not producing, rates are at their peak.

During the day, when energy demand is low, and solar production is high, utility rates are dropping. Why isn’t this a good thing? During the day, you’re producing more solar power than you’re using. This excess is sold back to the utility, unfortunately, at the lowest rate.

And when you want that power back at night, you’re forced to buy it at the highest rate. This can result in a huge loss of value for your solar battery storage system. You should be able to use your solar energy when you need it. You can get the highest rate for your solar production.

More About Solar battery storage

So you want to combine your batteries into a solar battery storage bank and you’re wondering what the best option for you is to get the best performance and lifetime. Are you going series-parallel combination of the two? Where do you mount them? How do you mount them? Well, in this video I’ll run you through the basic principles: how to connect your batteries into a solar battery storage battery bank.

I’ll tell you what to look out for what to avoid and I’ll give you a few tips and tricks that you can do in order to improve the lifetime of your solar battery storage battery bank. So let me start by introducing myself. My name is Jesse. I am a renewable energy engineer. I have run several companies and design and installation of battery-based off-grid solar energy systems.

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Charging to solar battery storage

I have held the position of energy officer for the United Nations and I founded the company solar solution through wages share my knowledge and expertise through videos such as this one online article, and I provide personal direct support through services on my website. Ok, so let’s get started throughout this video I’ll provide you the information in 3 different sections, so we’ll look at the series. The parallel combination of the two: how to connect your battery into a battery bank. We will then look at how to get the best performance out of your setup and, of course, I’ll tell you how to get the best life out of your battery bank. So let’s look at series versus parallel now.

The first thing I want to say is that whatever you do series-parallel combinations stack them on top of each other, put it next to each other. Whatever you do, you will not change the total amount of energy that will be in your battery bank. That always stays the same. If you connect your batteries in series, you take the positive from one battery, leave it into the negative of the other. One then takes the positive lead into the negative. Free Advertising

You go on like this, and you build one string of batteries. Then the positive and negative of this solar battery storage bank you’ll lead it into your system. If you connect your batteries in series, the total voltage will go up, but the empower rating will stay the same, that the advantage is that you can typically use smaller wire sizes. Another advantage of such a setup is the solar charge controller, which is rated on the amperage rating. They will still work at the same max amount of amperage, but if you double tripled or quadrupled your system voltage the power output of the solar charge, controller, or increase proportionally to the increase of your system.

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