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Solar Permitting FAQs

Here are some other common questions that come up during the permitting process:

How long does permitting take?

Solar permitting can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. Again, it really depends on how busy your local permitting offices are. We strongly recommend taking your time on the application to avoid long delays in revising and resubmitting your permit.

How much are permitting fees?

Permitting fees are typically a few hundred dollars. Like almost everything in this process, it depends on your local jurisdiction.

Do you need to file a permit if I DIY?

No, you do not need to fill out your own permit if you DIY. If the permit application is too confusing, or simply too time-consuming, there are third-party services that will file for a permit on your behalf for a flat fee (on top of the application fees with your AHJ and utility). We’re familiar with Gemini Solar Design and Solar Permit Services, but there are other providers out there as well.

Do I need a permit for off-grid solar?

Yes, you do need a permit for off-grid solar. While you don’t need to submit an interconnection agreement (because you are not connecting to the grid), the building permit is still required.

Though your system won’t be connected to any public services, the AHJ is still concerned about issues like fire safety and sound structural engineering. It will still need to pass inspection before it can be commissioned.

For more guidance on off-grid systems, grab a copy of our free off-grid permitting guide.

Or check out our solar permit plan set service.

When to start the permit application

Solar permitting is time-consuming; we recommend starting as early as possible. After an initial consultation with a designer, you will receive a line-item quote, which can be revised at your request. 

Once we arrive at a design you’re happy with, we will send you a finalized quote, spec sheets for your system components, and a line diagram produced by our in-house tech team. With these documents in hand, you are free to start the permit application. 

Syntek Permitting Resources

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When you’re ready to move forward with your solar project, reach out to our team for a free design consultation. We’ll ask you questions about your goals for going solar and design a custom system to suit your needs. With more than 10,000 systems under our belt and a 4.8/5 star rating on Google, you can rest assured that your solar project is in good hands.

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If you’re thinking of going solar, having a baseline knowledge of what your solar panel electrical requirements will look like can help you make more informed decisions along the way.