Looking For A Solar Quote?

Solar Quote? Does getting a Quote and Quoting a Solar system sound similar right? Well they’re two totally different things & honestly Solar isn’t a one size fits all product. When getting a Solar quote weather its online or via email, there’s a number of things to consider. Starting with how much power do you actually use! I always tell my friends, family, customers go online and see how many panels some of the solar sites and solar companies and google say you need then look at how much the panel actually produces. At times solar companies will try and cover the whole roof i mean every nook and cranny with a solar panel. They will have Solar panels all the way to the ridge vent, solar to the edge, solar overlapping your gutters.  I could go on and on about some of the solar quotes I’ve seen in my time as a solar sales specialist.

Anyways first be mindful and logical when getting a solar quote, just because “solarjohns” website says you need 50 panels doesn’t mean you might actually need that many panels on your roof or on your property.  You can do this easily by taking a look at your recent utility bill and seeing the amount of kilowatt hours you’ve used with your current electrical company the previous month. If your home is only consuming 1500 kilowatt hours of power guess what get a few different quotes from solar companies in your area and see the difference in the amount of panels they propose to put on your roof.

Now with that said when you get a Quote from us with our solar system we like to use the PHD method. Amount of panels (watts) by the hours of sunlight your roof gets from the sun. Multiplied by the number of days your getting Usable sunlight for your photovoltaic system. Panels, Hours, Days it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out what a Solar system can produce. So you’ve done your math you think you need x amount of panels your being quoted prices now.

Things to look for in your newly quoted solar proposals.  How many watts does each panel produce? More watts means more power which means less solar panels on your roof. How many hours of irradiance does the company say your solar system is going to get.  You need to account for those rainy and cloudy days in there. If they’re saying 12 hours of sunlight Id be looking for a different Solar company to do my solar quote. Anywhere between 3 and 7 hours is a good margin to have for a solar system depending on where you live & the amount of obstacles or shade the panels may get. In Northern Virginia the weather here is great for solar the sunny days outweigh the cloudy ones.

Generally Our solar systems are on customers roofs and in this area luckily the majority of homes have a east, west or south facing roof. So i get this in the solar industry a lot “Do my panels have to be south facing”. The real answer is no they do not  , its your home you have to look at the system and at the end of the day it’s Your decision.

When getting a solar quote from this local solar company, we like to walk around the home with the customer. This gets us to know the customers home get them involved with the design and show them where panels are going to be more efficient and where we can and can’t put solar. I get this a lot when I’m doing a Quote for someone, do i need a new roof for going solar. Read my article about roofing on our media page.

If the guy coming out to give you a solar quote, knocks on your door and starts throwing numbers at you, does he really know what your energy usage looks like? Probably not and most likely he’s just looking at the square footage of your home and matching that with how many panels he can fit on your roof in all honesty.

I’ve secret shopped solar company after solar company and you will get a wide array of solar salesman from the knowledgeable to the closer. If the Solar company giving you the quote keeps knocking thousand after thousand to try to get you to go with them that day i would start looking at reviews of that company how are they able to give away so much money? It’s because they’ve already added that cost into your solar quote.

We tell customers shop around compare what our competition is trying to put on your roof or for your new solar system. Get your Quote compare products, warranties & panel placement and most of all price. Schedule a consultation with one of our Renewable Energy specialist & Go SOLAR!

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