How Do Solar Warranty Limitations Work?

I’m sure you are excited about your newly installed solar panels. Being somewhat skeptical about my own solar panel warranty, I decided to take a deeper dive into an area many solar customers overlook.

First, I want to be certain in my impartial review of these panels, I am not suggesting, bias or partial to any solar panels, and furthermore, I will post similar articles as time permits to keep you informed. I am not paid or have any affiliation nor did I accept sponsorship or any monetary value to point out this article from any manufacturer.

In most cases there are up to 5 different manufacturers with different requirements

Here are just a few of the limitations I discovered and mind you available via a sample pdf by the manufacturer.

I will attempt to point out below the issues causing my concern and highlight those concerns from the text wording below: Please pardon my color highlights. My comments for feedback are listed below:

This Limited Warranty covers the transportation cost for reshipment of any repaired or replaced Module(s) to the Customer site, but does NOT cover the transportation cost and risk including shipping damage or loss for return of the Module(s) to LG or LG’s authorized agent and any other costs associated with installation, removal, or re-installation of the Module(s).

how are solar panels made
How Solar Panels Are Made


The limited warranties specified below (hereinafter “Limited Warranty”) apply to LG Solar Module models listed under Section 11 below (hereinafter “Module(s)”) sold by LG Electronics U.S.A., Inc. (hereinafter “LG”) and installed by a licensed contractor under applicable local and state laws, and extend only to the original end-use purchaser and subsequent owner(s) of the location on which the Module(s) is originally installed (all such persons hereinafter referred to as “Customer”). The warranty start date (“Warranty Start Date”) shall be the date of purchase by the original end-use purchaser. If the Customer is unable to provide adequate documentation of the original purchase, the Warranty Start Date shall be ninety (90) days after the Module(s) was manufactured.

25 Years Limited Warranty for Module(s) LG will, at its sole option, repair or replace the Module(s) if it proves to be defective in material or workmanship for a period ending 25 years from the Warranty Start Date under normal application, installation, use and service conditions.

25 Years Limited Warranty for Power Output

LG warrants that for a period of five (5) years from Warranty Start Date the actual power output of the module will be no less than 95% of the labeled power output. From the 6th year, the warranty for power output will decline annually by 0.4% in each of the remaining 20 years, so that during the 25th year, an actual output of at least 87.0% of the nameplate power output specified on the Module will be achieved. The power output values shall be those measured under LG’s standard test conditions as follows: (a) light spectrum of AM 1.5; (b) irradiation of 1000 W per m2 and; (c) a cell temperature of 25 degrees centigrade at right angle irradiation. If the Module does not meet the warranted power output levels set out above when measured by LG or by an independent measuring institute agreed to prior to testing by LG under standard test conditions (IEC 61215) taking into account a ±3% measurement tolerance range, LG will, at its sole and absolute discretion, either (i) repair the Module(s); (ii) supplement such deficiency in power by either: (a) providing additional Module(s) to the Customer, or (b) replacing the Module(s); or (iii) Refund the difference between guaranteed minimal power output and actual power output (measured under LG’s STC) multiplied by the then-current market price of the Module(s) or a comparable model at the time of the Customer’s claim.

How this Limited Warranty Applies

The remedies set forth in this Limited Warranty shall be the sole and exclusive remedies, and the original warranty period in this Limited Warranty shall not extend beyond the period set forth therein, nor will a new warranty period begin, upon repair, replacement, or pro-rated refund due to power loss at LG’s sole option provided under this Limited Warranty.
Repair or replacement will be made with new or re-manufactured Module(s) or parts and the replaced Module(s) or parts shall
become the property of LG. In the event the Module(s) is no longer available, LG reserves the right, at its sole option, to deliver new or remanufactured Module(s) that may differ in size, color, shape, model number, and/or power level.

If Module(s) returned to LG is found not to be defective or this Limited Warranty has expired, the Customer is responsible to pay for return shipping cost.

  1. Limited Warranty Exclusions
    4-1. This Limited Warranty does NOT apply to Module(s):
    (a) Sold and/or installed outside the geographic territory of the United States and US territories;
    (b) Sold AS IS or WITH ALL FAULTS or consumables; or
    (c) That had a serial number or any part thereof altered, defaced or removed.
    4-2. This Limited Warranty also does NOT apply to Module(s) which have been subjected to:
    (a) Damage and/or failure caused by use on a mobile unit including, but not limited to, vehicles, vessels, etc.;
    (b) Damage and/or failure caused by non-compliance with national and local electric codes;
    (c) Damage and/or failure caused by installations not in conformance with the Module(s) specifications, installation manuals, operation manuals, or labels attached to the Module(s);
    (d) Damage and/or failure caused by improper wiring, installation, or handling;
    (e) Damage and/or failure caused by devices and/or parts other than the Module(s) or by mounting methods of such devices and/or parts;
    (f) Damage and/or failure caused by improper or incorrectly performed maintenance, operation or modification;
    (g) Damage and/or failure caused by removal from the original place of installment;
    (h) Damage and/or failure caused by repairs not in accordance with LG’s instructions;
    (i) Damage and/or failure caused by inappropriate handling during storage, packaging or transportation;
    (j) Damage and/or failure caused by external shock such as flying objects or external stress;
    (k) Damage and/or failure caused by direct contact with environmental pollution such as soot, acid rain or industrial chemicals
    including ammonia;
    (l) Damage and/or failure caused by direct contact with salt water;
    (m) Damage and/or failure caused by natural forces (earthquakes, tornados, floods, lightning, hurricanes, heavy snow, etc.) and fire, power failures, power surges or other unforeseen circumstances that are beyond LG’s control;
    (n) Damage and/or failure caused by terrorist acts, riots, war or other man-made disasters;
    (o) Damage and/or failure caused by external stains or scratches that do not affect output;
    (p) Damage and/or failure caused by sound, vibration, rust, scratching, or discolorations that are the result of normal wear and tear, aging or continuous use; or
    (q) Damage and/or failure caused by Module(s) installed in a location that exceeds operating conditions.

Comments :

4.-2 ( c ) Does this involve proper tightening by torque wrench on all products?

4.-2 ( d ) What Gauge wire was used? Who determined the wire gauge during installation

4.-2 ( f ) Performed Maintenance? The salesperson said no maintenance. How does this work?

4.-2 ( m ) Lightning, this could be common in certain locations, power surges,? hmmm!

4.-2 ( q ) Exceeds operating conditions

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