Your Fredericksburg, VA. Solar Installer

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Solar Installer Fredericksburg, VA

Fredericksburg, VA Solar Installer

As your Fredericksburg, VA. solar installer, we are certified and licensed with over 14 years of experience and is a top rated solar company. Syntek Solar has completed thousands of residential and commercial solar installations in Virginia ranging from residential homeowners, US Embassies, high schools, community centers, agriculture, aquatic centers, and more. We have displayed a commitment to providing clean, sustainable energy for homeowners and businesses in the state of Virginia. Call us today at 703-227-7151.

Top 3 facts Your Fredericksburg, VA Solar Installer should always discuss with you?

One such incentive  to save money (in the U.S.) is tax breaks for homeowners, varying by State. Here is a list of incentives State by State. These include Federal and State Tax credits and rebate programs.

Installing solar panels on your home increases its value. For example, homes in cities like Warrenton Virginia appreciate in value when they have solar power features at 10 percent higher than homes without. If you’re looking to buy a home that already has solar panels installed, expect to pay less over the long run in energy costs, plus any tax credits and rebate programs.

How it works: Solar panels buffers you from the ever-increasing energy bills that go up every year. The more they go up, the more you save. Increases in electric rates have grown between 2.5% and 7% per year over the past two decades.

You deserve a better deal from your Fredericksburg, VA. Solar Installer

your Fredericksburg VA solar installer

With Syntek Solar you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes with energy independence. Go solar and free yourself from arbitrary rate increases and utility dependence.

Going solar isn’t a luxury purchase – it’s an investment that will pay dividends now and later. You can go solar for as little as no money down and start saving money right away.

As your trusted Fredericksburg, VA Solar Installer, we get solar power to work for your home and it has never been more affordable and more impacting. We have a dedicated local team who examine your unique property & show you the best approach to solar power for your situation. You gain a big advantage when you work with seasoned solar power professionals who take the time to understand and explain your best move. Syntek Solar only recommends the best solar panels available in Virginia.

We're One Of The Best Solar Companies In Virginia

Why we are your best choice as your Fredericksburg, Va Solar Installer

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We take a customized and friendly approach to every system from the smallest homeowner project to fully -grid-tied cabins projects. We are driven by our long-term employees to ensure a quality and safe installation in every home. We are rooted in our community to ensure the benefits of solar are shared.  We strive to be your long-term energy partner for your home,

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