5 Signs You'll Save Money With Solar Panels In Warrenton, VA

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What do solar panels in Warrenton, VA actually do?

1.Knowing What Solar Panels Actually Do?

Solar panels are the mechanisms that help turn solar energy into electrical energy. Every solar panel contains smaller solar cells that power the production of photovoltaic energy. Furthermore, these panels convert the light produced by the sun containing photons which are particles of energy.

This pure energy passes through the solar cells and produces electrical loads. These panels have a flat surface with a dark bluish color which helps attract absorption of sunlight in its unit.

The surface of a solar panel usually has a glass cover that helps in developing renewable energy.

How much do solar panels cost in Warrenton, VA.

2.How Much Does It Cost to Install Solar Panels?

A Typical costs Is around $13,142 to install a solar panel system. How much it ultimately costs to install solar panels depends on how many solar panels you need to generate energy for your home. The good news is, how much solar panels cost upfront is offset by the savings and return on investment they earn. The average cost of solar panels and their upfront cost can be offset by the federal tax credit, which currently sits at 26 percent. See Newbies Checklist

Are solar panels in Warrenton, VA efficient?

3. Solar Panels Are Efficient

Solar panels convert 22 percent of their available energy into electrical power. This is an actually amazing number if you consider the fact that we are paying a lot of our electricity bills every month. Learn more about solar efficiency

Solar panels in Warrenton, VA SRECS

4. Solar Panels and SRECS

SRECs aren’t a physical thing, rather an accounting of solar energy generated. Each 1,000 kilowatt-hours (kWh) a PV system produces is equal to one SREC. As an average an 8 kW PV installation generates around 10,000 kWhs per year and thus would also be creating 10 SRECs per year that are owned by the PV system owner. These SRECs can then be sold to generate income. Again, this does not impact in any way the net metering arrangement with the utility company.

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Understanding Net Zero Homeownership

5.Solar Panels In Warrenton, VA. Net-Zero

A zero energy home is not just a “green home” or a home with solar panels. A zero energy home combines advanced design and superior building systems with energy efficiency and on-site solar panels to produce a better home. Zero energy homes are ultra-comfortable, healthy, quiet, sustainable homes that are affordable to live in.

We're One Of The Best Solar Companies In Virginia

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We take a customized and friendly approach to every system from the smallest homeowner project to fully -grid-tied cabins projects. We are driven by our long-term employees to ensure a quality and safe installation in every home. We are rooted in our community to ensure the benefits of solar are shared.  We strive to be your long-term energy partner for your home,

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